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Macro Species List - Extinct (Locally or Nationally) - All records
  ABH BF Family Taxon Vernacular Red List BAP   GB Status Former Status (JNCC) Records Grade
  52.004 372 Sesiidae Paranthrene tabaniformis Dusky Clearwing RE    Extinct    3
  72.016 2027 Erebidae Dicallomera fascelina Dark Tussock LC    Common  Local  3
  72.050 2036 Erebidae Setina irrorella Dew Moth LC    Nationally Rare  Nationally Scarce A  3
  72.082 2454 Erebidae Catocala promissa Light Crimson Underwing NT  Nationally Rare  Red Data Book  30  3
  72.086 2456 Erebidae Minucia lunaris Lunar Double-stripe RE    Extinct / Immigrant  Immigrant  3
  73.054 2218 Noctuidae Cucullia gnaphalii Cudweed RE    Extinct    3
  73.057 2219 Noctuidae Cucullia lychnitis Striped Lychnis LC  Nationally Scarce  Nationally Scarce A  1625  3
  73.077 2398 Noctuidae Periphanes delphinii Pease Blossom     Unknown  Extinct  3
  73.198 2261 Noctuidae Conistra erythrocephala Red-headed Chestnut RE    Extinct / Immigrant  Immigrant  3
Total Species: 9
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