Day-flying Micro Moths - Species active by day or easily disturbed from their daytime resting places.macros | micros    
Micropterix tunbergella

Red-barred Pollen-moth
Micropterix aruncella

White-line Pollen-moth
Micropterix calthella

Plain Pollen-moth
Dyseriocrania subpurpurella

Common Spring Jewel
Eriocrania sparrmannella

Splendid Spring Jewel
Nemophora minimella

Small Scabious Longhorn
Nemophora metallica

Scabious Longhorn
Nemophora degeerella

Yellow-banded Longhorn
Adela cuprella

Sallow Longhorn
Adela reaumurella

Green Longhorn
Adela croesella

Lesser Banded Longhorn
Cauchas rufimitrella

Meadow Longhorn
Cauchas fibulella

Speedwell Longhorn
Antispila metallella

Shining Dogwood Cutter
Anthophila fabriciana

Prochoreutis sehestediana

Banded Skullcap Skeletoniser
Argyresthia dilectella

Juniper Tip Moth
Argyresthia brockeella

Gold W
Argyresthia goedartella

Brassy Y
Argyresthia retinella

Speckled Tip Moth
Argyresthia pruniella

Cherry Fruit Moth
Argyresthia bonnetella

Hawthorn Tip Moth
Phaulernis dentella

Dusky Ridge-back
Phaulernis fulviguttella

Yellow-spotted Drab
Epermenia chaerophyllella

Common Ridge-back
Schreckensteinia festaliella

Blackberry Skeletoniser
Coleophora trifolii

Melilot Case-bearer
Coleophora alcyonipennella

Clover Case-bearer
Coleophora mayrella

Clothed Case-bearer
Coleophora deauratella

Purple-shot Case-bearer
Coleophora lixella

Downland Case-bearer
Coleophora albicosta

Gorse Case-bearer
Coleophora discordella

Lotus Case-bearer
Esperia sulphurella

Sulphur Bark Moth
Alabonia geoffrella

Hedge Beauty
Pleurota bicostella

Heath Streak
Diurnea lipsiella

Late Reveller
Aroga velocella

Striped Sorrel Moth
Neofaculta ericetella

Heather Grey
Hysterophora maculosana

Small Bluebell Beauty
Agapeta hamana

Garden Straw
Aethes tesserana

Four-spotted Straw
Aethes williana

Silver-speckled Straw
Commophila aeneana

Orange Beauty
Cochylidia rupicola

Agrimony Straw
Argyrotaenia ljungiana

Heather Tortrix
Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Carnation Tortrix
Syndemis musculana

Dark-barred Tortrix
Ptycholoma lecheana

Brindled Tortrix
Ditula angustiorana

Red-barred Tortrix
Pseudargyrotoza conwagana

Yellow-spotted Tortrix
Olindia schumacherana

White-barred Tortrix
Tortricodes alternella

Spring Harbinger
Acleris holmiana

White-marked Tortrix
Celypha cespitana

Thyme Marble
Celypha lacunana

Common Marble
Lobesia reliquana

Wood Marble
Epiblema costipunctana

Ragwort Root-borer
Lathronympha strigana

Slender Rufous Tortrix
Pammene rhediella

Fruitlet Mining Tortrix
Grapholita compositella

Meadow Tortrix
Grapholita internana

White-underwing Piercer
Grapholita janthinana

Hawthorn Piercer
Grapholita jungiella

Beautiful Crescent
Cydia ulicetana

Common Gorse Moth
Cydia nigricana

Pea Moth
Cydia cosmophorana

Pine Resin Moth
Cydia coniferana

Pine Bark Moth
Cydia conicolana

Pine Nut Moth
Pammene gallicana

Purple Marbled Tortrix
Pammene aurana

Double Orange-spot
Dichrorampha petiverella

Yellow-spot Yarrow Moth
Dichrorampha alpinana

Orange-spot Daisy Moth
Dichrorampha flavidorsana

Orange-spot Tansy Moth
Dichrorampha plumbagana

Lead-coloured Yarrow Moth
Dichrorampha plumbana

Lead-coloured Daisy Moth
Chrysoteuchia culmella

Garden Grass-moth
Crambus pascuella

White-banded Grass-moth
Crambus lathoniellus

Meadow Grass-moth
Crambus perlella

Satin Grass-moth
Agriphila straminella

Straw Grass-moth
Agriphila tristella

Common Grass-moth
Thisanotia chrysonuchella

Powdered Grass-moth
Evergestis pallidata

Chequered Pearl
Pyrausta aurata

Mint Moth
Pyrausta purpuralis

Common Purple & Gold
Pyrausta despicata

Straw-barred Pearl
Sitochroa verticalis

Lesser Pearl
Anania hortulata

Small Magpie
Anania crocealis

Fleabane Pearl
Udea lutealis

Pale Straw Pearl
Udea prunalis

Dusky Pearl
Nomophila noctuella

Rush Veneer
Patania ruralis

Mother of Pearl
Synaphe punctalis

Long-legged Tabby
Pempelia palumbella

Heather Knot-horn
Homoeosoma sinuella

Twin-barred Knot-horn
Pterophorus pentadactyla

White Plume
Emmelina monodactyla

Common Plume
Note: Many other species of micro moth are easily disturbed by day and this list should be used as a guide and not a definitive list.
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